About Us 


Are you new to the church or the area? If so, you are very welcome! Please do check out our

New to Church page to get all the information about what goes on at our church.

Founded by Ordained Minister & Christian TV Producer Patricia Wagner we are a non-denominational Christian church and charity at the heart of the city.

Lifenews Kingdom Church's vision is helping people from all backgrounds find Freedom & Life through Jesus Christ (John 8:36 & John 10:10), build new solid foundations in their lives based on Christ's values and the Word of God and serve the underserved through a charity initiative called the Gift Programme which is basically about giving the poor food and clothes free of charge in those communities.

This is how we show the Love of God in a practical way. You can read more about the Gift Programme in the Charity Work section.

We are aiming to be a dynamic church made up of people from all walks of life and from different nations. We love multicultural!

We believe that as we lift up the name of Jesus together in our meetings and through worship God will meet with us, speak to us, create miracles and breakthroughs in our midst so his great plans for our lives can be fulfilled.

How does all of this sound? Awesome, right? Then join us and start getting involved.

God bless you!